To be completely honest there is really no fast way to show up in the maps. This is 100% dictated by the search engines and they are only a few things that you can do to help sway their opinion on whether or not your site shows up in the maps. First of all you want to make sure that your name, address, and phone number are identical for every citation and director you fill out. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that this is how the search engine gets his information for where your physical business is located. You need to make sure that all the information you provide for these types of sites are identical or else you will confuse the search engines. If you confuse the search engine this can make it a very difficult process for them to figure out where your site is located thus having trouble placing you within the maps. This is one of the largest factors that I take into consideration when individual client asked me if I can rank their website within the maps. There is really no way to rank a site within the maps unless you have all of the citations and directories that your competitors have for that local keyword you are attempting to rank in the maps for as well as additional. In addition to this you also need to make sure that all of your information across the board is identical to itself because this is once again the hugest contributing factor as to whether or not site will show up in the maps.

You need to remember that even if all of this information is identical that does not guarantee that you will receive a spot with the maps. This is one of the hugest things that people forget when selling client specific search engine optimization gigs. They will tell people that they can rank them in the maps which is something that you should never sell. The reason why you should never tell a client that you can rank their site with the maps is due to the fact that even if you do everything right and fill out all the information correctly as well as have all of the correlating citations and directories as your competition this does not mean that the search engines will place your site within the maps for the given keyword you want it to rank for. Another contributor factor that this is the fact that you have to have an actual physical address in the city or local Geo modifier you are attempting to rank for. For example if you are attempting to rank your site in the maps for Miami then you will have to have an actual physical address in Miami and have a Google my business account for that address. This is one of the hugest factors that comes into the equation if you want to rank in the maps. You also need to take into consideration that you cannot have multiple Google my business account for one given address. You are only allowed one Google my business account per address and this comes into play when you have a building that hosts several companies within it. Often times this comes into play when you are dealing with lawyers and attorneys because there can be several different firms within one building but all of them have the exact same address which is a huge confusing factor to the Google and other major search engine algorithms.

Because of these factors you can never guarantee a client that you will be able to place their site in the maps. Often times you will show up in the maps if you have done things correctly in the search engine enjoy your site. I have personally started one site and without having any links to the site which is having properly done my citations and directories and having a keyword in my domain name they placed me number one in the maps for countless keywords overtaking powerhouse companies that have been in the same niche for over 10 years. It got to the point that these companies were getting so frustrated with me being able to outrank them in the maps without any links that they were submitting my site to Google telling them that I was spamming the serps. Of course this wasn’t true and I was just starting up a new business and now this same business ranks on page 1 for hundreds of keywords in over 50 cities. With this being said if you know what you’re doing and you know how to properly optimize your site as well as the correct steps to take when building out a site it is very easy for you to overtake competition that has been in the game for a very long time regardless of the amount of power they have going to their site. This is one of the biggest exhibiting factors to becoming a search engine optimization expert and if you can prove your worth on the battlefield than it is easy for clients to run to you when their search engine optimization campaigns are going in the wrong direction.