There are many problems an individual can run into when attempting to optimize a website for the search engines. First of all one of the biggest problems a person can run into when conducting a search engine optimization campaign for a website is finding out that the site has been penalized. If a site has been penalized means that the search engines do not trust the site thus meaning it will not rank within the search engines regardless of the amount of work done to the site. This can include many things but often times it is unnatural linking or a pure spam penalty. Unnatural linking is when you are intentionally linking to yourself from sites that you own and orders to game the system and rank your site within the search engines. This is something that is frowned upon by the search engines because they do not want individuals to be ranking for keywords or certain terms that they have personally placed themselves therefore. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the fact that only a few years ago people were able to rank sites that will for countless keywords and often times the information they provide on those sites were not true or were set up in a way so that people were tricked into buying informational products or supplements that they would receive a commission on. This is one of the biggest changes at the search engines have gone through but it is for the better and it allows more trustworthy sites to be ranked highly within the search engines and actually stick there because they are trusted and have quality content and good user experience when visited by people searching those keywords.

There are many things to take into consideration if your site has a penalty that is a unnatural linking penalty or a peer spam penalty. If your site receives an unnatural linking penalty then this penalty can easily be removed if you email the support team and tell them that you do not have anything to do with the unnatural linking’s and your site has been spammed. Often times they will take this into consideration in the first time he would just have a strike against your site but they will remove the penalty from your site thus allowing you to rank that site within the serps. This is not easily set for the second time your site has been tagged with a unnatural linking penalty because the old saying goes for me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. If your site however does have a spam penalty that you will not be able to get the site removed from the penalty. This penalty will follow the site long after it has expired another person has purchased the domain. This is one of the things that you need to check before purchasing a domain but often times it can be hard to spot. This is also one of the first thing you need a check for when starting a search engine optimization campaign because if you find a site that has a peer spam penalty that no matter how much work you do to the site it will not rank within the search engines because the site has been dubbed as untrustworthy and spammy. We’ve been reaching out to local and nation wide SEO companies and were going to be introducing some of them here on our site as well as allowing you to talk to them one on one about any questions you may have about SEO and how you can rank your own site. The company we’ll be introducing to you this week is Top Tier Marketing SEO out of Michigan, they have agreed to let any of our users contact them and ask as many questions as they’d like about SEO and how it works. Get ahold of them by using these clickable links to their website: Top Tier Marketing SEO – Free SEO Site Audit, – seo company, Grand Rapids SEO –, warren seo, ann arbor seo expert.

Another problem you can run into when trying to optimize the site is over optimization. Often times is when somebody will attempt to do search engine optimization work to a site and they will send direct anchor text to the site with keyword anchor text they’re trying to rank for. This is also something that is frowned upon by the search engines because they want your anchor text portfolio to be extremely natural and you want to make up anchor text portfolio seem as if they are links coming from real sites and real people making the links. You need to take into consideration that people will not spell the same word the exact same way and in the exact same configuration every time. You need to make sure that you use capitals and lower cases as well as various spacing’s and different ways to reward things which is also known as latent semantic indexing. These are some of the few things need to be taken into consideration optimizing a site for the search engines. There are many things you need to be taken into consideration which can be found in our other blog post but these are the few things and need to be taken into consideration as soon as you start any search engine optimization campaign for any website on the web. Many things can go wrong during a search engine optimization campaign but as long as you stick to the root fundamentals and make sure that you do everything by the book and do not become overaggressive that I guarantee you will be able to rank any site you wish within the search engines at will.